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Version 2 of Year 7 Summer Term Learning At Home Timetables

Hello Year 7

I hope you and your families are all safe and well. 

At the current time, we are in some difficult circumstances and we, as staff, like you don’t know when things will be back to normal and we will all be back in school. 

We are now in Week 2 of what should be the Summer term, and your last term as Year 7’s at high school. We understand you may be lazing around in your pyjamas and doing very little school work, however it is really important that you come back to school with as little gaps in your learning as possible. Currently we are seeing work from some Year 7s and that’s great, please keep up the great effort, however we are also seeing very little from others, therefore I have created a two week timetable of lessons (see below) for home learning that I would like you to follow starting today (Week A). 

You will see that there are 3 hours of lessons, as well as a daily slot for exercise and reading. This can be done at any time of day that best fits your situation at home, as long as you complete all the activities scheduled per day. There is also a task table with activities for each subject. This timetable will run for two weeks.

I understand that some of you may not have access to a PC/laptop or possibly the internet – all of the resources you will need are available in a paper copy at the front of school for collection between 10am-12 noon every day. If internet access is an issue and you haven’t already told us please can you or your parents make us aware on [email protected]

If you have any questions, you can email me or your subject teachers who will help you in any way they can over email! I have included their emails on the task table below.

Year 7 Timetable



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