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KS3 Honours Programme

Personal Development Honours Programme

Students in Years 7-9 will work towards the Honours Programme throughout each year, and will qualify from KS3 in Year 9. They will be rewarded for their different successes according to the PROUD values with: Pass, Merit, Distinctions or Honours within each PROUD objective.


  • to actively participate in all aspects of school life
  • to demonstrate a high standard of self-management, including excellent attendance, punctuality and behaviour
  • to demonstrate resilience in a variety of ways


  • to show understanding of how behaviour can impact on other people
  • to actively participate in school to support other students e.g. member of school council; volunteer to litter pick
  • to demonstrate characteristics of a responsible member of society


  • to effectively manage our own behaviour and interactions in person and online
  • to promote positive wellbeing in ourselves and others
  • to demonstrate a deep understanding of how to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, including keeping physically and mentally healthy


  • to develop an understanding of who we are and our place in the world
  • to have an understanding of, and show respect, for different faiths and cultures
  • to understand, accept, respect and celebrate diversity


  • to demonstrate determination to be successful in all aspects of school life
  • to explore your own future aspirations and goals
  • to actively engage with all opportunities, including the Life at Lathom offer

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