Red Rose

Work hard, be kind


Leadership Team

  • Headteacher

    Mrs J Galbraith

  • Deputy Headteacher

    Mr P Livesley

  • School Business Manager

    Mrs J Marshall

  • Assistant Headteacher

    Mr M Wilde

  • Inclusion Lead and SENDco

    Miss J Clarke

  • Progress and Intervention Lead

    Mr M Sykes

  • Personal Development Lead

    Mrs C Pickering

  • Teaching and Learning Lead

    Mrs K Watson

  • Safeguarding Officer

    Mrs C Foster

Pastoral Staff

Head of YearAssistant Head of Year
Year 7Miss R SullivanMrs S Connolly
Year 8Ms J Sefton-MilesMr M Coles
Year 9Mr M SykesMrs D Newnes
Year 10Mr M SykesMrs D Grice
Year 11Miss H ForsterMrs A McCarthy

Departmental Staff


Mrs J Hongkins (Curriculum Lead)
Mrs S Hornby (Second in English)
Mr C Anderson
Mrs S Boyers
Mrs A McDonough
Miss Z Sherborne
Miss L Lawson
Miss J Sheridan
Miss J Clarke


Mr C Dahl (Curriculum Lead)
Mrs J Blundell (Second in Maths)
Mr M Sykes
Mr M Wilde
Miss R Swords
Mr M Woods
Mr A Morris
Ms R Jones


Mrs C Pickering (Curriculum Lead)
Mr M King
Mr J Mayor


Ms J Sefton-Miles
Mrs S Anderson
Mrs A Wilcock

Religion & World Views

Mr A Clark 


Miss A O’Hare (Curriculum Lead)
Mr R Birchall (Second in Science)
Mrs L Mawdsley
Miss E Taylor
Miss H Ainscough
Mrs N Williams
Mrs N Kervin-Cooper

Creative Arts

Mrs A Windridge (Curriculum Lead)
Mrs E Morris
Miss R Sullivan
Ms C Botts

PE, Health & Fitness

Miss D Kerslake (Curriculum Lead)
Miss H Forster
Mr R Griffin
Mr D McPhail 


Mrs K Watson (Curriculum Lead)
Mrs C Morris
Mrs J Galbraith
Mr P Livesley

Design Technology

Mr C Plant (Curriculum Lead)
Mrs C Hind
Miss L Ellis

Computer & Business

Mrs C Blundell (Curriculum Lead)
Mr R Frain  

Support Staff


Ms S Taylor

Front Office

Mrs C Brooke (Operations Manager)
Mrs H Brettle
Mrs C Brown
Mrs J Jackson


Mrs C Henderson

Data & Exams Officer

Mr A Morris

Learning Support Team

Mrs C Foster (Safeguarding Officer)
Mrs D Stock (Learning Mentor)
Ms C Botts (Counsellor)
Ms S Voce
Miss L King
Ms M Freeman
Mrs L Hargate
Mrs J Robinson
Mrs S Ryan
Mrs H Wills
Miss K Brooke


Mrs L Harrison
Mrs E Phillips
Mrs D Cruse
Mrs P Norris
Mrs N Shire
Mrs L Chapman


Mrs L Jepson (Facilities Manager)
Mr J Bounds (Site Supervisor)
Mr A Riley (IT Technician) 

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