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Work hard, be kind

Welcome to Lathom High School from the Student Leadership Team

Lathom is a wonderful community where everyone is supported to reach their full potential and discover their aspirations no matter how big. We have outstanding facilities which include excellent sports facilities, a library and fully equipped classrooms.

As part of the Student Leadership Team, our role is to ensure that everyone is nurtured and their views are expressed to help make the school an even better place. You will recognise the team from our badges which state our specific roles.

High Expectations

At Lathom we have very high expectations that students are expected to follow at all times and these include full uniform and equipment and outstanding behaviour in and around the classroom. As students of Lathom we are expected to be PROUD in everything we do to ensure we receive the best learning experience possible.

Overall, we wish you the warmest welcome as you join Lathom and hope you enjoy the next step in your education.

Also a school needs a middle ground between teachers and students. This helps to create a sense of community that all great schools such as ourselves require. It is essential for a school to have a group of students to voice the opinions of their peers. However, there is also a need for ambassadors for the school to be role models for the year groups below them. It is an honour to be able to support the teachers.

It is also an honour to feel such a sense of community, love, friendship and a strong bond between students and also amongst students with their teacher.

Student Team Leaders

The school has a strong ethos of community and student voice. This is achieved by having a student led school council that acts as the student voice. The school prides itself on allowing students to exercise its democratic rights and encourages students to make a positive impact to daily school life. The Student Team Leaders of Lathom High School represent their peers in official occasions, and are the point of reference between students and staff.

  • Headboy

    Bradley West

  • Headgirl

    Eva Smith

  • Deputy Headboy

    Jack Buchanan

  • Deputy Headgirl


Sport Captains

In both key stages students will be taught a range of physical activities. In all activities, students will understand what makes a performance effective and how to apply these principles to their own and others’ work. Across the sporting disciplines we have our own sports captains who represent Lathom High School at its very best.  

Sports PE
  • Sports Captain

    Tj Philips

  • Sports Captain

    Megan Taylor

  • Sports Captain

    Eva Smith

  • Sports Captain

    Lucy Keating

Transition Team Lead

Keita Baldina

  • To provide a student contact for new Y7 students as they settle into school
  • To lead team of student mentors working with new Y7 students
  • To liaise with the transition team in school led by Mrs Marshall & Miss Sullivan.

Student Council Leads

Emily Clegg and Joe Sealey

  • To lead the school council and support year team councils across the school
  • To work with the student councils to set agendas for meetings and lead discussions on issues relevant to the student body
  • To provide a link between student representatives on the school councils and the wider school staff.

Peer Coaching Team

Scarlett Hart, Jensen Martin, Leanne Rawsthorne

Learning Support Team

Ashleigh Bolton, Izabelle Morris


Abd Alarouf Ajam, Chloe Baines

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