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KS4 Aspirations Programme

Personal Development Aspirations Programme

Students in Years 10-11 will work towards the Aspirations Programme throughout, and will qualify at the end of Y11. They will be rewarded for their different successes according to the PROUD values with: Pass, Merit, Distinctions or Honours within each PROUD objective.


  • To demonstrate a high level of self-management e.g. through behaviour, attendance & punctuality
  • To actively participate in activities which may be unfamiliar and challenge us
  • To promote positive wellbeing in ourselves and others


  • to effectively manage our own behaviour and interactions in person and online
  • to actively participate in school to support other students
  • to demonstrate characteristics of a responsible member of society


  • to demonstrate commitment to learning, both in school and independent study
  • to actively participate in opportunities provided to develop skills and confidence
  • to strive for and celebrate success in everything we do


  • to develop a deeper understanding of who we are and our place in the world
  • to have an understanding of, and show respect, for different faiths and cultures
  • to understand, accept, respect and celebrate diversity


  • to explore and take responsibility for your own future aspirations and goals
  • to actively engage with all opportunities, including Further and Higher Education and employer links, to develop our skills and knowledge of post-16 options available
  • to demonstrate determination to be the best we can be

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